Monday, September 01, 2008

Oh Where Has the Summer Gone?!

The reader may notice that the most recent posts, done over the past several weeks, are really stories that are months old. I seem to have been unusually busy this summer and have gotten way behind in my blogging. I like to have plenty of distraction free time when I sit down to blog. At the end of a busy day I am usually tired and if there is time to blog either my wife or my son (home from college for the summer)needs to use the computer. So it just didn't get done! Now I am still busy but not "crazy busy" like I was a few months ago so I am making a little time to blog. The posts are still in rough chronological order, just clumped together in some of my more recent "blogging frenzies". As you scroll down you will still have a sense of reading back into history.

There is something going on this summer that simply doesn't make sense! I am having as much of a struggle keeping up with the farm work this summer as I did last summer! Last summer I was living off farm and helping to build a house! I had begun the growing season having lost most of my tools and having stuff to repair and patch up. I had good excuses for not keeping up with the work as well as in previous years. So why am I having such a time this year? The only thing I can think of that is different is the indisputable fact that I am now one more year closer to that stage in every one's life called "old age", the age at which even the best of men begin to fall apart at an accelerating pace. An elderly friend of mine once stated rather succinctly, "Life goes by like unrolling toilet paper. The closer it gets to the end of the roll the faster it shrinks." Should I be depressed by this revelation? I would rather not think so!

It seems that I got a lot of stuff planted a month behind schedule just like I did last summer. I just about lost the battle to keep up with "tomato stringing" in May and June and as a result most of the early planting blighted prematurely. Winter squash plantings got done way too late and either did not come up or much of what did come up blighted and died. There was a heavy fruit set in the orchard this spring so I did have to spend some time spraying the trees and thinning fruit but the spray program didn't work well and the thinning was too late and not thorough enough. As a result I lost most of the apricots and the Asian pears have not sized up like they should have. Today I finally got most of my fall garden planted. It included some carrots which should have gone in before the end of July!

A brighter spot about this summer has been the "up and running" walk in cooler which has been a real life saver especially for the melon and berry crops. Having the cooler really gives us a lot more flexibility handling anything like left over from market like snap beans, squash and sweet corn which can be held a few more days and put into the CSA boxes in good shape.

And we have reached the lofty goal of an "over $1000 sales on market day" not once but three Saturdays in a row! If I do it again next Saturday I will have done it for a month! Wow! Part of the difference of course is that we are charging a little more for most items. I remember just a few years ago when our first daily sales topped $500 and I was thinking that once the daily sales pass that mark, the work of running the market booth starts to get tiring.

So how about it? Time to stop griping, count our blessings, and get to bed.

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