Thursday, January 04, 2007

Second Granddaughter!

Dear Family,

Rhonda and Kerwin are the proud parents of Ana Marie. This is the sixth baby girl, within a year, to become a part of our Morning View Mennonite Church family.

Early this morning (4:18 A.M.) Kerwin telephoned to let us know that they were on the way to the hospital. Around 6:00 o’clock Kerwin phoned again. “You don’t have the baby already?” I queried. “Yes, we do.” Kerwin responded. (I guess Rhonda could easily handle a 7 pound 4 ounce baby.) About a half hour later Rhonda telephoned excitedly, “Hans is here in Harrisonburg. Kerwin went to eat breakfast with him and Brian…” About an hour later Hans telephoned us from the hospital.

When I walked into church, Heidi motioned to me to sit with her. She had photos which Dwight Heatwole had taken of Kerwin, Rhonda and Ana Marie. So what an unusual morning! Some folks congratulated me. Well, it is really easy to be a grandma. All I had to do was answer the telephone and lose a little sleep.

God has certainly blessed us/them. I keep marveling (in awe) about the timing of Ana’s birth and Hans’s driving through Harrisonburg. Unbeknown to us, Hans was driving in a U-Haul with a friend who was moving his sister’s belongings from DE to KY. About 5:30 A.M. Hans got the idea that he could stop for breakfast in Harrisonburg; so he started telephoning friends asking them if they wanted to meet him for breakfast. Kerwin’s brother was one of those friends; so when Kerwin phoned his brother about Ana, Hans was with him! Why would God care about such a small matter, but what would be the chances of it just happening?

Thanking God,
Grandma Christine
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Your family is unbelievably beautiful.