Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Aerial View of the Main Market Garden

Uh, if taking the picture from the house roof counts as an aerial photo. This shows several of the plots where I have laid plastic mulch and have transplanted cucumbers, melons, peppers, and eggplant. The middle plot shows the now expired overwintered spinach planting and the almost expired lettuce beds. Today I finished discing in the old spinach and am preparing the ground for late transplanted onions and a second planting of beets. It's been awfully dry and I am starting to get concerned. We do have some drip irrigation set up for the most critical areas. Off in the distance one can see the field hoop houses where I have my earliest tomatoes planted. The total length of the field is about 800 feet and encompasses an area of two and one half acres. I finished clipping the wire to the top of the steel t posts on the lima bean trellis this evening and plan to run the strings tomorrow. Those limas are really looking good now and looking for something to climb. Christine picked peas today and is bugging me a little to help her to shell them as I write. This morning she called my attention to the fact that a tomato was starting to ripen in the hoop house close to the house. This afternoon she called me over to show me that the vagabond chicken that insists on flying over the pasture pen fence and making the daily traverse of several hundred yard's distance to piddle around the house and garage, had also found it and eaten a big chunk out of the side. Boy was I ever ticked off! Tomorrow I'm either going to get my hands on the booger or shoot her with the 22 and we are going to have chicken soup for supper. Posted by Picasa

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