Friday, May 05, 2006

My First Granddaughter, Megan Olivia Good

My oldest daughter Celia gave birth to our first granddaughter on April 28. Mother and daughter are doing great and we are all bursting with pride!

The field hoop houses are mostly full of tomato transplants by now and the ones first transplanted in the hoop house close to the house on April 15 are now a good 18 inches tall and in need of trellising. There is even an apricot sized tomato on one of the plants! Yay!

And speaking of apricots, we have a nice set of young apricots on the three trees I planted about 10 years ago in the orchard south of the house. This is only the second time I have ever seen them successfully set fruit. Our zone 6 climate here is on the fringe of cold tolerance for apricots. We usually get a freeze after the trees bloom sufficient to take them out. About three years ago they set fruit only to drop them later when some sort of "no seeum" bug got to them. I almost cut the trees down this spring but didn't partly because something down deep inside me wanted to give them yet another chance and partly because i didn't get my "round tuit" in time. Maybe global warming will work in my favor from now on. This time, by golly, I am violating my "stay organic as much as I can" rule enough to allow me a spraying or too with something capable of killing these buggers! Then I plan to follow up with "Surround" at weekly intervals or after any rain. I want some apricots!

The weather is getting dry again and we need more rain. Posted by Picasa

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