Tuesday, April 11, 2006

My pole bean trellising system

We were blessed over the weekend with nearly an inch of slow soaking rain. PTL! It had been one of the driest Marches on record here with less than 1/2 inch of rain and snow for the entire month. Things are really starting to pop now!

Yesterday I made raised beds and covered them with black, then red plastic mulch in preparation for tomato planting. Today I transplanted nearly 400 Red Cross and Red Sails lettuce plants and helped Christine haul and spread a mix of wood shavings and horse manure on the asparagus and rhubarb beds as mulch. I then ran to town to run some errands and buy lumber for building four more hoop house ends. I plan to make the two 100 foot hoop houses into four 50 foot units to simplify the logistics of moving them each season. Tomorrow I plan to work on the hoop houses and maybe put some Pemium Crop broccoli and Cheddar cauliflower plants out.

The picture is of me building a trellis for pole beans. It is relatively inexpensive and simple to build and dismantle but putting on the drop strings takes some time. I like the background because it shows the busyness of the farm in June when gardening and hay making is in full swing. Posted by Picasa


jutn06 said...

Really like your pole bean trellis, how is it constructed and how are you tying up the beans-can't tell from the photo.
Also, we are a Certified Organic farm and I desperately want to raise asparagus, but have been discouraged by others, due to bugs on the plants and getting rid of them organically. What say you?

ChileFarmer said...

Pole beans are great, ours didn't do well this year, lots of rabbits. But thats OK I like rabbit.CF

ChileFarmer said...

Love your pole bean system, we still use poles. Our beans didn't do to well this year. Lots of rabbits, but thats OK I like rabbit.CF