Monday, April 03, 2006

My Homemade Plastic Mulch Layer

This is one of my most prized inventions. I rigged this apparatus for my Farmall Cub tractor to lay plastic mulch for around $50. A new commercial three point hitch tractor mounted mulch layer can cost as much as $5000. It's not quite as fast as the commercial machine and I have to lay the drip tape in a separate operation but hey- it sure beats trying to lay it by hand and it gets the job done for a little guy like me. Posted by Picasa


Anonymous said...

I like the mulcher, sure would like to know more about it. We are using a IH 274 tractor. I found your site from market farming, Thanks Bill

Anonymous said...

Just wanted to compliment you on your ingenuity in making you mulch layer. Have saved your homepage and hope to visit it often to watch your progress.


Anonymous said...

Just wanted to compliment you on your ingenuity in designing mulch layer. Have saved your site and hope to visit often to watch years progress.

Anonymous said...

I appreciate your outlook and share your love for growing things. It appears you made your mulcher out of a single row cultivator and I had one at home that I was getting ready to start reworking for the same thing. I found a lower cost commercial model that I may buy instead if I can rake up the money to do it but I was happy to see someone else that thought the way I do.
(no insult intended!!)Any way yours is a little different than I was getting ready to try as it looks like you were able to utilize parts of the tractor for various functions such as bedding wheels and roll rack. Good job, thanks for sharing.
Andy Qualls

Baxter said...

Man I have got to get one of these..... Thanks for the idea.
Tony Morales Let's go Plant some thing.