Monday, April 03, 2006

Mobile Range Shelter for Our Pastured Layer Hens

I maintain on average around 125-130 laying hens in this trailer mounted hen house which gets moved to fresh pasture about once per week. An electrified net fence keeps foxes and coyotes away from the chickens and the chickens away from the garden areas and my garage. These biddies spend their summers in the hay fields and cow pastures and spend their winters in the garden areas after the crops are all finished. They do a pretty decent job of cleaning up garden debris, shallow tillage and fertilization of the soil, and are considered a significant part of our pest control program. They really go after overwintering Japanese Beetle grubs and who knows what other ground dwelling pests. In summer they get copious amounts of un sold and over ripe tomatoes and summer squash and the jugs of captured Japanese Beetles we dump into their water from the traps. In exchange they present us with the most wonderful tasting and healthy eggs in the world. Posted by Picasa

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