Saturday, March 25, 2006

News March 25, 2006

Today is a bit chilly with snow showers. I've been working on getting field plots ready for planting by hauling on manure and compost and disking it in. I finished pruning the pear orchard and blackberry row about a week ago and have been working on cleanup. Day before yesterday I transferred about 500 pepper seedlings into plug flats and have about 200 more to go. In a couple of days I will need to do the same with about 200 tomato seedlings.

I had some bad luck with seed starting this spring. I bought a new kind of all organic seed starting mix that apparently was not up to the claims on the bag. My seeds germinated and then stopped growing and eventually showed phosphorus deficiency. I've had to salvage as many of the plants started in this stuff as I can and move them over into new soil. This has set my seed starting schedule for some things back by several weeks. I will be demanding a refund on the money spent on this "wonderful OMRI approved potting soil.

I've been killing a little too much time this winter pursuing my interests in writing. Last winter I wrote a magazine article entitled "Farming on my Prayer Bones" and an ethical will and am presently contemplating writing stories from my life experiences which would further illustrate the content of the ethical will. Although the magazine article was successfully published and I have gotten a few positive comments from more experienced writers about some of what I have written so far, I have come under strong conviction recently that if I want to write any more, I need to learn how to write. In order to accomplish this goal, I am committing to reading in my spare time three books on the subject of writing--"You Can Write" by James Landis, "Writing For Story" by Jon Franklin, and "Your Life as Story" by Tristine Rainer. In addition I am also reading other persons writings and life stories.

Well the sun is coming out now and I need to get out there and get some other work done.

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Anonymous said...

I'm convinced that the best way to learn good writing is to read it rather than read books about it. Just a few recommendations for you: 'The River Why' by Duncan, 'Gilead' by Robinson, anything by Faulkner, William Kennedy, Cather. Have fun.